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Apr 22, 2016

Representatives from 17 CSOs working in LINK municipalities took part in the first training module of the LINK CSO Leadership and Organisational Development Programme between April 12 and 16, 2016, in Poltava, Ukraine. The training was dedicated to building CSO leadership skills and competencies. It covered a wide range of organisational and personal development issues, including organisational cultures and value systems, decision making, time and stress management, task delegation, employee motivation and work with volunteers.    

The intensive five-day event comprised active group work, personal learning planning, wide-ranging discussions and self-assessment. It also provided an opportunity to forge connections between organisations from seven municipalities, which can form the basis of future cooperation.

According to the feedback we have received, the training was both informative and stimulating. Participants were particularly interested in the development of leadership competencies and qualities, as well as in the involvement of volunteers, conflict management within the organisation, and time management.

The CSO representatives will meet again between May 21 and 26, 2016, to work on organisational development issues. In the meantime, organisational development mentors will visit each of the 17 organisations to help them carry out an organisational self-assessment and review their performance in order to ensure they have greater influence in their local communities.





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