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REC to foster dialogue in Ukraine through Sustainable Investment Forum

Oct 20, 2016

Cities around the world are starting to ramp up their efforts to adapt to rapid changes that are taking place on a global scale. It is now more necessary than ever to do more with less, and to shift major economic activities towards the track of sustainability, as climate change accelerates and its impacts start bearing down on us. This sense of urgency is becoming more obvious in urban areas, which are particularly vulnerable due to their general dependency on long supply lines for necessary goods ― including food, water and energy ― along their ever-increasing demographic share of the global population.

In Ukraine, these issues are compounded by three main factors: the ongoing economic crisis; a lack of established environmentally responsible behaviour within society; and weak structures of governance. These three factors combined greatly hinder efforts to achieve sustainability.

To help overcome these obstacles, it is essential to establish a dialogue with all key stakeholders. Dialogue enables the creation of an environment of mutual learning and understanding ― an environment that allows for sharing experiences and stimulates proactive engagement and cooperation.

In order to facilitate this dialogue, the REC has organised a Sustainable Investment Forum titled “Cities as Drivers of Sustainable Development in Ukraine”. The event, to be held on October 20–21, 2016, in Kyiv, will bring together more than 100 top leaders from national and local governments, civil society, utility companies, sustainable industry, international finance and research institutions.

The REC draws on more than 25 years of experience in the field of environmental protection and international cooperation, and has acquired new levels of valuable experience working in Ukraine under its framework programme “Strengthening the Local Environmental Planning and Environmental Civil Society in Ukraine”.  

By providing extensive expertise and experience, as well as the experience of renowned experts and leaders, the REC can help establish a dialogue on the development of effective mechanisms of cooperation for scaling sustainable innovative solutions to high-priority environmental and energy-related problems in Ukraine. The intention is that October’s Sustainable Investment Forum will be a springboard for future sustainable investments, poverty reduction, and the transition to a greener and more efficient Ukraine in terms of energy and resource consumption.

To find out more about the event, please refer to the attached preliminary agenda.

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