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Organisational Development Grants to Enhance the Organisational, Programmatic and Institutional Capacities of Ukrainian CSOs

May 9, 2017

Traditionally, CSOs are judged by the projects they implement, implying that the internal functioning of the organisation should remain in the background as it is far less important to the public. However, the effectiveness of a CSO depends to a great extent on the organisation’s internal structure — which is why the REC, on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, is providing LINK beneficiary CSOs with organisational development grants to support their efforts towards organisational, programmatic and institutional development.

Grants were awarded to LINK CSOs that underwent a self-assessment procedure and, based on its results, prepared and submitted organisational development plans in summer 2016. The REC has allocated EUR 17,000 for the implementation of organisational development plans to those CSOs that demonstrated a clear understanding of their organisation’s challenges, and the ways in which to overcome them.

Froom among the 11 proposals that were submitted to the evaluation board, Ukrainian and international experts selected seven organisations that will receive up to EUR 2,500 per grant to increase their institutional, systemic and programmatic capacities. On April 20, 2017, the winners met in Kyiv to share their action plans with one another and to receive feedback from the experts on future activities.

The winners’ efforts will be focused mainly on the creation of an organisational strategy, the improvement of communication with the media and the public, and the strengthening of volunteers’ motivation and staff commitment to the organisation’s activities. These were the goals chosen as top development priorities by the charitable organisation “Foundation Paritet” and the development fund “Shevchenko's Land” in Cherkasy region. In the framework of another grant-winning project in the region, the Cherkasy regional branch of the Ukrainian Environmental League will expand its network and create a regional environmental coalition in Cherkasy region.

In Ivano-Frankivsk region, the regional charitable organisation “Centre for Public Initiatives” will organise training modules on leadership and organisational development, which will be supported by the parallel implementation of an advertising campaign promoting the organisation’s activities. Another beneficiary of the programme, the Ivano-Frankivsk regional organisation “Moloda Prosvita”, will implement a plan for rebranding the organisation and introducing a membership system with a bonus programme for supporters.

In Poltava region, the social project “Ekoltava” will organise trainings on advocacy and communications for its staff and volunteers, while the initiative group “Your World” will host a training on human resources management for NGOs, create a staff development plan for its team, and launch a volunteer education programme.

Project implementation will begin in May 2017 in all cases, and will last for approximately six months. Progress achieved in organisational development projects will be highlighted via social media and on the LINK project website.

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