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Workshop on Municipal Sustainable Energy Planning and Project Development

Nov 27, 2017

LINK project workshop in Kyiv to focus on energy planning and project development

On November 27-28, 2017, energy experts and project planners from all over Ukraine will gather in Kyiv for a “Workshop on Municipal Sustainable Energy Planning and Project Development”. The workshop has been organised by the Regional Environmental Center for Eastern and Central Europe (REC) in the framework of the project “Local Initiatives for a Sustainable Ukraine – LINK”, which is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The aim of the event (a follow-up to a training held in July) is to improve the capacity of Ukrainian municipalities in using relevant energy planning tools for sustainable energy planning and to further enhance their project development skills.

During two intensive days of workshop activity, participants will focus specifically on the development of municipal energy sector plans and their transformation into bankable projects and investment programmes. Small-group sessions for energy planners and project developers will run in parallel to allow for practice-based learning of selected energy planning tools and project development methodologies.

Energy experts will learn more about, city energy planning, new approaches for selecting the most effective and cost-efficient projects, as well as the Covenant of Mayors Climate and Energy Reporting Guidelines and tools. And the same time, practicing energy modelling skills — including hands-on practice in compiling an emissions inventory — will be accentuated. As a result, energy specialists will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to: design climate change mitigation actions and assess their impacts; model concrete actions; and select the most effective and cost-efficient interventions.

In parallel, representatives of project-planning departments of Ukrainian municipal authorities will gain practice in the preparation of bankable projects aimed at concrete donors. The session will cover the whole project cycle — from development of a log-frame, setting objectives and performance indicators to the assessment of environmental, climate and sustainable energy impacts, preparation of implementation plan and progress monitoring framework. It is envisaged that the session will equip project development experts with the skills needed to develop fully fledged project proposals that are ready to be submitted to selected donors for funding.

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