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  • Donor: Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment
  • Beneficiary country: Ukraine
  • Overall project value: EUR 2,603,700
  • Project period: April 14, 2015 – March 31, 2018

The goal of the project “Local Initiatives for a Sustainable Ukraine (LINK)” is to strengthen local capacities for diversifying sources and options for a resource-efficient economy and to bring together policy makers, businesses and civil society at local level to enable positive change in Ukraine. The project promotes good governance, energy efficiency and EU integration processes. It comprises three work packages: Local Energy Security Planning (LESP LINK); Civil Society Support (CSO LINK); and Education for Sustainable Development (Citizens Pack LINK).


The LINK project aims to:

  • integrate environmental and energy security issues into local development planning processes;
  • build the capacities of local authorities and identify investment opportunities for prioritised environmental, energy efficiency and energy recovery projects;
  • develop mechanisms for the sustainable use and management of natural resources, including energy security;
  • foster civic involvement and transparency in governmental decision making;
  • support, educate and strengthen local civil society organisations as a key stakeholder in any drive for more accountable and legitimate government, greater social cohesion and democracy, and more inclusive and effective policy making; and
  • educate a variety of stakeholders (including families, young people, CSOs and schoolteachers) about the sustainable use and management of natural resources, including energy security, with the help of an interactive multimedia toolkit tailor-made for Ukrainian citizens.


The REC is implementing the LINK project in five partner municipalities in Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk (western Ukraine), Cherkasy (central Ukraine), Lubny and Poltava (eastern Ukraine), and Berdychiv (northern Ukraine).