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The LINK project foresees the development of a multimedia Citizens Pack aimed at conveying messages about the wise use of resources and energy; sustainable development; and positive changes in society’s values and attitudes. The Citizens Pack targets primary school pupils and their teachers, as well as members of CSOs involved in educational and awareness-raising activities. The product is also designed to have a positive impact on the level of environmental literacy in Ukrainian society as a whole, including municipal bodies, media, businesses, CSOs and families.


  • Undertaking a feasibility study and collecting and translating existing materials related to education for sustainable development.
  • Developing a country-specific Citizens Pack adapted to the needs of Ukraine, with a focus on the target regions.
  • Testing and adjusting the Citizens Pack and launching it officially in the target regions.
  • Devising and implementing a training programme addressing primary schools and local CSOs in the target regions.
  • Evaluating the training programme and the first results of Citizens Pack implementation.