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Local grants


The local grants programme supports the implementation of the priority activities identified in the LINK municipalities’ energy security and environmental action plans. The grants are intended to help establish better cooperation between CSOs and regional and local authorities with respect to energy security, energy saving, energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable development, including behavioural changes related to energy resources use and alternative energy sources.

The grants should lead to the creation of cooperation platforms; support the transfer and exchange of experiences and good practices; and contribute to the realisation of local and national priorities. The projects should also result in increased public awareness and public involvement in key environmental and energy issues in Ukraine, as well as improved CSO networking and capacities for addressing local environmental and energy challenges.

Timeline of activities

-          May 2016: Call for grant applications

-          May and July 2016: Grant writing training sessions

-          September 1, 2016: Deadline for submitting grant proposals

-          October 2016: Announcement of grant winners

-          October 20–21, 2016: Grants award ceremony

-          January – December 2017: Implementation of grants