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Organisational development


The organisational leadership and development programme is designed to support the professional growth and development of civil society leaders and civil society organisations. The goals are to:

  • strengthen CSO leaders’ skills and abilities to build and operate successful organisations; and
  • assist organisations to assess their strengths and weaknesses in terms of strategic leadership, organisational processes, human resources, financial management and infrastructure, and to identify necessary organisational changes.

The programme consists of two interlinked components:

  • An organisational leadership and development course, comprising two five-day modules of interactive training that offer insights into topics such as CSO leaders’ personal development and self-management; strategic leadership; human resources management; financial management; CSO impact assessment; cooperation and coordination; CSO communication; and stakeholder outreach.
  • An organisational self-assessment, to be carried out in each of the participating organisations. The findings of the assessment are used to draw up an organisational development plan for each participating CSO in order to enhance its internal capacities. The REC provides assistance by assigning an international mentor to support each selected organisation throughout the assessment process. The self-assessment methodology is based on the well-tested Organisational Viability Toolkit, and the core of the methodology is available in the Ukrainian language.

Timeline of activities

-          February 2016: Call for applications for the organisational development and leadership programme. Out of 25 applications, 17 organisations (represented by 38 leaders) were invited to participate in the development programme.  

-          March 2016: Networking meeting and introduction of CSO representatives, held at the REC’s head office in Hungary.

-          April 2016: First module of the development programme, dedicated to leadership issues, held in Poltava.

-          April and May 2016: Facilitated organisational self-assessment process in participating organisations.

-          May 2016: Second module of the development programme, dedicated to organisational growth and development, held in Tatariv, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

-          December 2016: Publication of the call for applications for organisational development grants. The call is open only to organisations participating in the organisational leadership and development programme, that have drafted an organisational development plan.

-          March 2017 to December 2017: Implementation of the organisational development grants.