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Public opinion on energy-related issues

Assessment of public opinion on energy-related issues

In order to obtain an understanding of how citizens think and feel about energy-related issues, the LINK team carried out a public opinion assessment with the support of local organisations in the five beneficiary municipalities (Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkasy, Poltava, Lubny and Berdychiv). The goal was to find out citizens’ views on how energy resources are managed in their area, how they hear about energy-related projects, and how energy security can be improved. The information gathered by the survey is needed for the development of local energy security action plans. Data obtained from over 10,000 households have been processed, and the results are now available at: These results will help local teams to identify ways in which energy-related issues can be tackled in their communities.

In addition to the interviews carried out in the five municipalities in Ukraine, visitors to this website are invited to complete an online version of the questionnaire: